In the SKINY sale for men you'll find great deals on underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. Use the filter function to search for your size or favorite color and quickly find pants, briefs, boxer shorts, swim trunks, tank tops, T-shirts or pajamas at top prices!

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  1. SKINY_232_M_NightInMix_Match_shirtlslv_080985_08S470_040.jpg
    S M L
  2. SKINY_232_M_NightInMix_Match_pantslong_080513_08S502_040.jpg
    S M L
  3. SKINY_232_M_NightInMix_Match_shirtlslv_080509_08S500_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  4. trunks
    €16.99 €22.99
  5. SKINY_232_M_CottonMultipack_trunks3pack_086840_08S516_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  6. SKINY_232_M_CottonMultipack_trunks2pack_086487_08S519_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  7. SKINY_232_M_MicroMultipack_trunks2pack_086001_08S513_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  8. SKINY_232_M_CoolingDeluxe_boxerbriefs_080410_08S515_040.jpg
    M L
  9. SKINY_232_M_Casualine_boxershorts_080229_08S497_040.jpg
    S M L XL
    boxer shorts
    €17.99 €24.99
  10. trunks
    €17.50 €24.99