Men's Multipacks

You know which underwear style and which shirt cut you like and you know your size? Then our underwear multipacks are perfect! Are you looking for a double pack in trendy colours and cool prints or a 3-pack in classic black? Stock up your wardrobe with your favourite briefs, pants and shirts.

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  1. SKINY_241_M_CottonAdvantage_briefs2pack_086974_08S600_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  2. SKINY_241_M_MicroMultipack_briefs2pack_086773_08S617_040.jpg
    M L
  3. SKINY_241_M_CottonMultipack_trunks2pack_086447_08S595_040.jpg
    S M
  4. SKINY_241_M_CottonMultipack_trunks2pack_086447_08S593_040.jpg
    S M L XL
  5. SKINY_241_M_CottonMultipack_boxerbriefs2pack_080222_08S597_040.jpg
    S M L XL
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