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In the Autumn/Winter season 2020 we offer a range complete for 24 hours of human multifacetedness. Together, with Tom Neuwirth, better known under his stage name Conchita WURST, we take you on a journey of blurring lines through a day in the life of Tom. Or Conchita. Or Wurst. No names, no labels, no gender. Not even a clear definition of under- or sleepwear.


It’s simply about 24 hours with SKINYxWURST.



We are in constant change. This season we underline that. So be someone who expresses themselves however they want. Because you are what you wear and you can change that at any given time of day. Dress by that rule, rather than by defined gender – or other boxes for that matter.





From morning rituals and home office duties, to an evening out, including the after-party food sessions back home – SKINY embraces Every Body’s day. Because while it’s your clothes that express how you feel, it’s what’s underneath that actually helps you feel those feelings.



SKINY is for everybody. For those who identify themselves as men or women. For those who want to feel sexy in a bra, comfortable in a boxer or cheeky in a thong. For those who want to bring what they are feeling underneath to the surface, both literally and figuratively.






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