VIRGO 24.08. – 23.09.

The Inspire Lace series is made for a Virgo. The details of this series are just as modest but exciting as the zodiac sign itself. Sociability is also a typical virgo characteristic, along with being an organizational talent. How fitting then that our Inspire Lace has such a soft touch to it, while providing such a comfortable fit.



A Virgo man likes everything uncomplicated and comfortable. That’s exactly what our Advantage Men series is like. Thanks to its ideal fit and the comfortable cotton quality, Virgos will always choose this series, as it will get you through the day, casually and unobtrusively.



LEO 23.07. – 23.08.

Everyone knows a Leo is very proud, but one must not forget their good heart and that they are always set on improvement. This is comparable to our Nature Love series: By proudly wearing the series, Leos are doing their part in improving our planet little by little (as the series is made of sustainable and recycled materials!), without having to compromise on style.


Our Bamboo Deluxe series is also perfect for the Leo’s constant strive for improvement. The series is made from sustainable viscose bamboo and even the waistband is recycled. That way our Leo can be proud of his style and conscious of the environment when wearing these Bamboo Deluxe pants.


CANCER 22.06. – 22.07.

Cancer ladies can be quite sensitive people, there are very compassionate and protective by nature. Therefore, the perfect undergarment companion must be SKINY's Essentials series. Due to the flat seams and utmost comfortable cotton single jersey, Cancers will feel very well cared for themselves, and protected from the unknown. The timeless styles also give care-giving Cancers the room to move, so they can stand up for others in moments of need.


A Cancer man is as sensitive as SKINY's Option Modal Pant is soft and comfortable – namely VERY. Thanks to the Pima cotton, modal and elastane material mix, which makes for extreme shape retention, this pant with a longer leg is just as tireless as a Cancer dude himself.


GEMINI 21.05. – 21.06.

Our new Oopsies undies and a typical Gemini girl on-the-go are a match made in heaven.  With Oopsies she is alway prepared for any kind of mishap or impromptu sleepover, no matter where she is. And since the panties are one-size and fit in every handbag, making them the perfect back-up plan – they help our Gemini feel one step closer to her goal towards ultimate freedom.


Since the Gemini man is always on the move, he needs a functional supporter. Our Cool Comfort pant in frost gray is best suited for this. Due to the close fit, he has complete freedom of movement and extra bonus points for breathability and quick moisture wicking. This series is a true multi-tasker, just like our Gemini.


TAURUS 21.04. – 20.05.

The TAURUS woman is a connoisseur and very reliable, which is why our Pure Nudity series is the perfect fit. The series not only comes in the right shade for almost any skin tone, so that it has an invisible effect, it is also extremely soft, guaranteeing it will be your most comfortable and reliable companion among your delicates. In addition, the series adapts perfectly to every body as it is a one size product! Simply a pleasure to wear -especially at home.


Since the TAURUS just loves life, he will be delighted to wear our Option Modal series (gray melange). A fine cotton modal quality and an elegant cut will exceed his usual high expectations. Perfect for every connoisseur.




ARIES 21.03. – 20.04.

Since Aries usually strives to stand out from the crowd and is an easy-going person, they lust for the perfect combination of soft cotton with an eye-catching print. That’s our Sweet Cotton Mix series for sure.

ARIES can identify itself very well with our multipack selection (camouflage selection). Both are straightforward and matter of a fact, but want to stand out from the crowd. This series  achieves this in particular because of its reliable cotton and striking print.



PISCES 20.02. – 20.03.

Pisces can always rely on their intuition, even though they are quite sensitive and always seeking a feel-good oasis of sorts. That is why our Sensual Light series is the perfect match: soft modal fabrics are combined with innovative spacer material and breathable cups, bringing together three characteristics essential to this sign's sensitive side: a super soft feeling and a comfortable fit.

Because of the Pisces man's desire to feel-good and know what’s best for himself, he should always go for our Multipack Selection pant (Stripe Selection). A cotton-elastane quality combined with a wide, soft elastic waistband is ideal for such a sensitive soul.




AQUARIUS 21.01. – 19.02.

 A typical Aquarius is inventive and original - just like our Microlovers line. The functionality and versatility of this series triggers the inventor in the Aquarius, while the über-stylish and one-of-a-kind design makes her feel unique.

An Aquarius man may be inventive and original, but so are our Cool Comfort boxer shorts. The high-quality viscose mix, breathability and fast moisture transportation features, ensure that the Aquarius can simply feel free during his many activities. Nothing can stop him now. 






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