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In 2020 TIMBER! is branching out, dropping the alias to use his real name, and creating something he has never done before: underwear for SKINY.




A 3 piece pant collection for the man - or person that identifies as a man - that wants a little fantasy and color in his life and appreciates a skateboarding lifestyle.




Chad Eaton is an LA based artist, well-known under the alias TIMBER! within the skateboarding community. For his first-ever underwear collaboration, he decided to stick with his recurring theme of nature but branch out of his typical woodsman lumberjack style and create fantastical flowers with a masculine touch.




chad eaton lp 1
chad eaton lp 1
chad eaton lp 2
chad eaton lp 3
chad eaton lp 4
chad eaton lp 5
chad eaton lp 6




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