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Due to its triangular cup shape, the triangle is ideal for women with small to medium cup sizes, especially when worn under deep V-neck clothing, and gives the breast a natural, even shape. SKINY provides different triangle bras:


The classic triangle bra


The classic triangle is both light and summery and is best suited for women with a small cup size.



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Spacer triangle bra


This is the perfect bra to wear under T-shirts with a V-neck on summer days, thanks to the 3-dimensional fabric structure of the shell that makes the bra light and breathable.



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High apex triangle bra


Die bis in die Träger hochgezogene Schale lässt Frau selten so ein softes Tragegefühl spüren. Zudem wirkt das „Darunter“ sehr clean, bedeckt und gleichmäßig.



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Sometimes, less is more! No wire, no pads, no padded cups, only very delicate fabric: bralettes. The new, rediscovered trend among bras, as well as our hobbyhorse.



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Soft bra


Super comfortable and – as it has no wires – hardly noticeable! If you love the natural shape of the breast and put emphasis on comfort rather than on optimum support, you should definitely choose a soft bra.



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Crop top


SKINY already conquered the lingerie market once with this style back in 1986. Whether for sports or when women simply want to be comfortable, this bra shape has no fastening at the back and is ideal for women with small to medium bust sizes.



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The classic padded bra


In this design thin foam shells are connected to the upper fabric that surrounds the chest. This bra is suitable for any cup size, as it adds volume to smaller breasts while still supporting larger breasts.



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Wireless padded bra


Often the entry-level bra for young ladies who can still do without the support of the underwire (which gives support to the breast). However, even more sensitive ladies who find underwire disturbing swear by this bra shape.



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Preformed padded bra


In this bra, the cups are "made of one piece", which means they are preformed and there are no seams. As such, this bra shape is particularly comfortable to wear, thanks also to supporting underwire that’s also made of soft-shell material. This bra is especially suitable for women with small to medium bust sizes.



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Wire Bra


The wire bra is processed without padding and makes the breast shape look very natural. Here, underwire is incorporated to give women with slightly larger bust sizes more support.



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Bandeau bra


"Bandeau" comes from the French and means "ribbon" – named as such since this bra style is often worn without a strap. This is why it is the most popular bra shape paired with strapless or shoulderless clothing. Despite the lack of strap, side stays and silicone strips on the cups provide the necessary support.



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Spacer bra

Our lightweight among cup bras – thanks to the use of breathable high-tech cups made of fiber layers with a three-dimensional fabric structure – and suitable for any cup size. Not only that, the spacer cup gives a very natural breast shape and is therefore ideal to be worn under summer clothing.



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Push-Up bra


The push-up bra is most commonly used when women want to show cleavage. The reinforcements in the cups – below and to the sides – push the bust towards the center and lift it.



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No more boring nursing bras. SKINY offers trendy nursing bras for women who want to feel attractive and stylish while breastfeeding, without having to sacrifice comfort and function.


Nursing soft bra


The cups are completely lined with cotton on the inside and can be easily opened and closed via clips for breastfeeding. The multiple adjuster on the back makes it easy to adjust the underbust width.



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Nursing crop top

The nursing crop top is completely made of cotton and can be easily opened and closed with its front-facing breastfeeding clips. Although crop tops are mostly for slipping in, SKINY's nursing crop top has a multiple adjuster at the back so that the underbust measurement can be adjusted again and again.



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